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3D-Spotify Web Music Player How to create your very own “eye-candy” Spotify Music Player. Published  about 8 hours ago · 3 min read [ReactJS] what you should definitely have in your toolbox — from 0 to 90 in 1’ [How to] break your work in reusable parts Published  on Jul 9 · 4 min read Make Google assistant to assist your users How to setup Google assistant’s Actions, Serverless, to assist your app users for free. Published  on Apr 20 · 5 min read · In  Chatbots Life

[ReactJS] what you should definitely have in your toolbox - from 0 to 90 in 1'

[ReactJS] what you should definitely have in your toolbox — from 0 to 90 in 1’ Adjust your development setup to your comfort not fashion The problem I was getting around ReactJS to cook a complete PoC (Proof of Concept) with a simple REST API , seasoning Automation to taste … Being new to ReactJS and Docker… happy to see a plethora of tutorials , boiler plates and guides to help the setup and delivery of an end-to-end optimized and scalable platform. But… no , I am not really happy(!?) Things move fast, they get outdated 📆 even faster and the valid possible ways to do something, are getting exponentially more 📈🥶. The research Most of the guides are narrow scoped, well written, but not complete. I was too new to all this to get my head around on what’s simple rather than just fancy . All I wanted, was just a simple setup to get something meaningful up and running, that I won’t have to throw away later for a another new little PoC project. My head, after a litt