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Google Assistant and Node JS (Miss Duck) V2

Integrate Google Assistant, Dialog Flow V2  with actions-on-google in NodeJS and Nexmo Stitch conversation platform Continues Miss Duck V1 Find the updated Miss Duck project on  GitHub Presentation Video The Google Dialog Flow project is constantly improving, and it really gets interesting to follow. This time while we are integrating Nexmo Stitch (The in app-conversation API from Nexmo) to allow Miss duck send events to a conversation platform. In the presentation above you can see about a use case regarding accessibility to a communication platform.  Updating Miss Duck Update Dialog Flow V2 Navigate to your Dialog Flow agent and enable V2 that is officially released Dialog Flow agent settings NodeJS actions-on-google Update your NodeJS library to ^2.3.0:  " actions-on-google " : " ^2.3.0 " , Using the most recent version of the actions-on-google library will help you stay aligned with the latest Dialog Flow updates.  Y