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Google assistant says hello to your nodeJS service V1

Google Assistant and NodeJS service. Google assistant Action (application) that you can create and deploy in a few easy steps. (Part 2) Overview: Get a nodeJS service to drive a communication over Google Assistant. Assuming you have a google Deverloper account and know how to go through the basic configuration. The steps bellow are filtering out all the confusing options you have on how to interact with Google Assistant. We will create an Action (Think of it as an application that the Google assistant launches on user's request). Then we will use the DialogFlow to configure the Intents (trigger words) that will forward the data to a nodeJS service that we will setup. Invoke the first call to your script Create/Import a google project Creating the project is pretty straight forward. Make sure to pick a name for your assistant that will be easy to pronounce and the speech recognition will understand. It will make your life easier here, if you pick a commo