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Skype bot to send SMS

Simple Skype bot send sms messages via Nexmo API create a skype bot create a nodejs webhook to listen for skype messages expose your local webhook with ngrok (to test your bot live) identify 'sms' keyword integrate nexmo services to send an actual sms to a mobile phone similar to this case, you can use the rest of the NEXMO API e.g. to receive messages To help you get there faster You will find in this repo the skype sdk (tar.gz)  download the latest for your platform from here the ngrok for mac os  download the latest for your platform from here Version 0.0.1 Setup checkout the repo and cd in the directory using your  terminal $ git clone nexmo_skype_smsbot $ cd nexmo_skype_smsbot install the required libraries [botbuilder nexmo restify ./skype-sdk.tar.gz] $ npm install create a  Nexmo account  and save your API_KEY and SECRET create / sign in to  Microsof Bot Framework , and then crea