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3D-Spotify Web Music Player How to create your very own “eye-candy” Spotify Music Player. Published  about 8 hours ago · 3 min read [ReactJS] what you should definitely have in your toolbox — from 0 to 90 in 1’ [How to] break your work in reusable parts Published  on Jul 9 · 4 min read Make Google assistant to assist your users How to setup Google assistant’s Actions, Serverless, to assist your app users for free. Published  on Apr 20 · 5 min read · In  Chatbots Life

[ReactJS] what you should definitely have in your toolbox - from 0 to 90 in 1'

[ReactJS] what you should definitely have in your toolbox — from 0 to 90 in 1’ Adjust your development setup to your comfort not fashion The problem I was getting around ReactJS to cook a complete PoC (Proof of Concept) with a simple REST API , seasoning Automation to taste … Being new to ReactJS and Docker… happy to see a plethora of tutorials , boiler plates and guides to help the setup and delivery of an end-to-end optimized and scalable platform. But… no , I am not really happy(!?) Things move fast, they get outdated 📆 even faster and the valid possible ways to do something, are getting exponentially more 📈🥶. The research Most of the guides are narrow scoped, well written, but not complete. I was too new to all this to get my head around on what’s simple rather than just fancy . All I wanted, was just a simple setup to get something meaningful up and running, that I won’t have to throw away later for a another new little PoC project. My head, after a litt

Make Google assistant to assist your users

How to setup Google assistant's Actions, Serverless, to assist your app users for free. Photo by  BENCE BOROS  on  Unsplash Modern platforms have more than one entry point to provide data to a user. They provide consistency and performance amongst other features. Happy times. Assuming there is a nice architecture and some best practices in place. Google assistant has great improvements over the past few months, in terms of documentation and the API usage, in various aspects. I am going to describe an easy way to help you leverage the basics of Google assistant for your platform. Just in a few steps, consuming the free versions of some Google APIs. Presumably, you can replace any part of these steps to integrate with your own application. Overview The Google assistant will be based on Intents defined in "Actions console". Directly from there, we will be deploying "Cloud Functions" and "Intents" for our Assistant to ask for user inpu
🚲 Hackney Downs to Somerset House 🚲

Morning London Commute 🚴‍♂️ [Actioncam]

Hackney Downs to Somerset House A London daily morning commute between Zones 1-2, cycling. Captured on Actioncam,  morning 19-9-2019 around 9:00 am. First attempt to record something like this, to share a little bit of casual every-day type of video. I tend to like these playing (on large screens) as a background image flow, while listening to music ;-)  NJoy! (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Google Assistant and Node JS (Miss Duck) V2

Integrate Google Assistant, Dialog Flow V2  with actions-on-google in NodeJS and Nexmo Stitch conversation platform Continues Miss Duck V1 Find the updated Miss Duck project on  GitHub Presentation Video The Google Dialog Flow project is constantly improving, and it really gets interesting to follow. This time while we are integrating Nexmo Stitch (The in app-conversation API from Nexmo) to allow Miss duck send events to a conversation platform. In the presentation above you can see about a use case regarding accessibility to a communication platform.  Updating Miss Duck Update Dialog Flow V2 Navigate to your Dialog Flow agent and enable V2 that is officially released Dialog Flow agent settings NodeJS actions-on-google Update your NodeJS library to ^2.3.0:  " actions-on-google " : " ^2.3.0 " , Using the most recent version of the actions-on-google library will help you stay aligned with the latest Dialog Flow updates.  Y

JS Monthly, July Event

JS Monthly, July Event Tuesday, July 31, 2018 See 🦆 Miss Duck 🦆 in Action 🤩 Excited to give a talk in  JS Monthly meetup (Tuesday, July 31, 2018) about accessibility for online communication platforms!  Presentation slides